Gravity Forms 2.7.4: New Release

Gravity Forms 2.7.4 update

A new release was announced a few days back. With the Gravity Forms 2.7.4 update, you’ll see many changes and bug fixes. Here is all you need to know about the latest version of Gravity Forms. You’ll discover a lot of enhancements and fixes with this release.

Gravity Forms 2.7.4 Changelog

  • Additional security upgrades.
  • Conditional logic handling has been updated to add data attributes to hidden and visible fields.
    Fixed a problem that prevented the honeypot from operating if conditional logic was used to hide the final portion of a form.
  • The help page’s “open a support ticket” link has been updated.
  • A bug that prevented new Gravity Forms installations from appearing on the user account page on has been fixed.
  • Some versions of PHP have warnings fixed on the time field.
  • The text area in the new form dialogue has been updated to eliminate layout issues and extra scrollbars.
    Fixed a problem that resulted in inaccurate “Upgrade” alerts for some license types on the form template library.
  • A problem that prevented the Color Picker Input Border Styles from appearing has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where block style settings would vanish on forms that had validation issues.
  • The new form dialog has been updated to improve keyboard usability.

Gravity Forms 2.7.4 API Changelog

API: Added new filter gform_addon_form_settings_fields to enable the alteration of the settings fields shown on a certain form’s settings page by add-ons.

API: Added a new filter gform_validate_required_file_exists to allow developers to modify the file upload field’s default behavior when checking for needed files.

Gravity Forms 2.7.4 Add-On Framework Changelog

AF: Fixed a major error when saving ” enable ” settings when an add-on logging isn’t set up.

Gravity Forms 2.7 is available for all customers, so update your plugin and generate a better experience on your website.

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