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Gravity Forms with Square Recurring Payments

Gravity Form Square Recurring plugin is a WordPress plugin that allow customers to pay for subscription products and also

Pay with Square in Gravity Forms

Gravity Form Square plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows users to pay from their gravity form using Square payment

WorldPay with Gravity Forms

WorldPay Payment Gateway for Gravity Form is a Gravity Forms add-on that allows you to collect credit card payments using WorldPay.


Gravity Forms Payment Gateway For Sumup

SumUp payment gateway that integrated with Gravity Form with authorization option. Also, you can define payment if by gravity

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Gravity Forms Square Addon Bundle

Give more power to your site let users pay via Gravity Form Square plugin for both simple & recurring payment with this bundle.

Payeezy with Gravity Forms

Payeezy payment gateway with Gravity Forms is a extension of gravity form that helps you to collect one time payment and subscription payment using Gravity forms.

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