Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms


Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms Is Now Fully Compatible With Gravity Forms 2.5 Version.

Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms Add-on gives your users the power to preview their files before uploading them. There is a smart upload option for pictures where users can edit, crop, and rotate the file directly from the front-end.

Not only this but Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms Add-on also facilitates users in sorting the order sequence of their files via the drag & drop option. Your users can also view the progress bar that displays a file upload percentage countdown.

Why Choose Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms?
Gravity Forms has established its impression as one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress-powered websites. By default, Gravity Forms allow you to upload multiple files but you can not preview the files before uploading them. You can not even make minor changes like sorting them in the order you prefer.

*NEW* Version 1.5 -  In the latest version, we have introduced new features and fixes that include:

  • Avatar and gallery template

  • Upload multiple media files

  • Attachment preview

  • Drag and drop

  • Image editor options: Adjust, Effects, Filters, Orientation, Crop, Resize, Shapes, and Text

  • Edit, undo, redo, and full reset.

  • Full-screen preview.


  • Easy Installation: You can easily install Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on on your WordPress-powered site. All you need is a Gravity Forms plugin already installed on your site.
  • Smart gallery field: Gravity Forms Smart Upload Add-on has a Smart gallery feature in the advanced fields tab. Just Drag and Drop the Smart Gallery to the left side and place it wherever you want to.
  • File extensions: You can allow users to upload images that have different formats.
  • Maximum files number & sizes: Gravity Forms smart Uploads Add-on allows you to limit the quantity and sizes of files that will be uploaded by your users.
  • Drag & drop functionality – Your users can upload multiple files just by using the drag and drop functionality from the front-end.
  • Sequence sorting: Your users can sort the order sequence of their uploaded files while staying on the same page.
  • Image cropping: Your users can crop image files and save them, right there on their form.
  • Image rotation: Users can also rotate the image 90-180 degrees before submitting it.
  • Set aspect ratio for imagesUsers can add and set aspect ratio sizes for multiple images.
  • Thumbnail images – Users can select multiple images and set their sizes for thumbnail on the front end. 
  • Add Avatar – Users can add a picture as an avatar on their form.
  • The (Smart Gallery) image editor – with options including Adjust, Effects, Filters, Orientation, Crop, Resize, Shapes, and Text.
  • Upload preview – Show Attachment preview on the entry form.
  • Upload multiple files – The user has the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously.
  • Progress bar: Display a progress bar when a file is being uploaded. This is represented by an upload percentage countdown.
  • File information popup: Users will see the file information and file preview via a pop-up generated directly in the browser.
  • Single-entry view: User can see their submission in a Single Entry View with their provided data and submitted files.
  • Notification email: Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on generates an email for admin once the user submits the form.
  • Compatible with GravityView: Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on is compatible with GravityView, a page builder that fetches data from gravity forms and displays it instantly.
  • Compatible with Gravity PDF: Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on is compatible with Gravity PDF. This extension instantly generates emails and downloads PDF documents with Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF.


  • Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on front-end feature allows users to upload multiple files via the drag and drop option. Users will be able to preview them live from the front-end.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads


  • If users want to rearrange their files’ sequence order, then you can do it simply by dragging and dropping them as required.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads


  • Gravity Forms Smart Upload Add-on gives users the luxury to rotate a picture file before submitting it.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads


  • Users can crop pictures before submitting them in Gravity Forms Smart uploads. Select the image you want to crop, and a popup window will appear where you can crop the picture as required.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads


  • Gravity forms Smart upload Add-on generates a single entry view in the dashboard after submission.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads
  • Print from remote positions using Google Cloud Printer.
  • Get rid of the complex printing processes on the network.
  • Adjust print settings according to your requirements.



  • 1.5 Version
  • 20.June.2021 Last Updated
  • 15.November.2021 Released Date


* Fix – Upload attachment to Form Folder.
* Fix – Remove Uploaded File on Edit/Remove.
* Fix – Count Attachment.
* New – Show Attachment on Entry Form.
* New – Image Filter and Effect.
* New – Adjust (Brightness/Contrast/Exposure/Saturation).
* New – Orientation (Flip Horizontally and Vertically).
* New – Custom Image Cropping.
* New – Include Shapes with Custom Color.
* New – Add text with different font styles.


* New – Added Box-After.
* New – Added Thumbnail.
* New – Added Avatar.


* Fix: PDF is not appearing in the entry.
* Fix: merge tag value previously returning JSON value.
* New – Added merge tag return value for uploaded images to show.


* Fix: Compression of Image.


* Fix: smart field merge tag on email.


* Fix: Field not rendered properly on form error.


* Fix: SSL conflict in some cases


* Improvement: Added support for large images
* Improvement: Preserve the name of the uploaded file in the frontend for a better user experience
* Improvement: Improved uploading algorithm


* Fixed: Error appearing in some cases at the time of uploading


* New : Added support for PDF – upload and view in frontend
* New : Added hook “gf_su_preload” to preload images
* NEw : Disable submit button while files are being uploaded
* Fixed: Required field error
* Fixed: Error appearing on activation in some cases


* Initial release

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