Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms

1.Create a New Form #

Go to WordPress Dashboard.

Click on the Forms section and hover to the Tab of New Forms.



A dialogue box will appear Create a New Form.

Write the Form Title and Form Description in the fields mentioned in the dialogue box.

After filling the required fields, click on Create New Form.


Now you will be directed to the Form Editor. On your left side you can find the standard fields, advanced fields, post fields and pricing fields providing you with plenty of fields. Just Drag and  Drop the fields you want to insert in your forms. The Forms are completely customizable according to your needs with plenty of fields.


4.Entries Log - In back-end dashboard #

You are now able to see the images submitted by each user in the tab Entries under the Forms section.

The submitted forms show up like this

5.Admin Receives An Email #

The admin receives an Email on each submission.

6.Hook #

Here is an example code snippet to use hook

add_filter('gf_su_preload', 'my_preload_files_1_4' , 20, 3);
function my_preload_files_1_4( $value, $form_id , $field_id ){
if( $form_id == 1 && $field_id == 4 ){ // You must set the $form_id and $field_id in order to preload these values in specific place
// You can add as many attachment ids here using the same json format
return '[{"attachment_id":175},{"attachment_id":150}]';
} else {
return $value;

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