Release Note | Gravity Forms Import Entries v1.4 

Release Note | Gravity Forms Import Entries v1.4 

We have released the new version of the Gravity Forms Import Entries, i.e., Gravity Forms Import Entries v1.4. This update offers new features along with the UI changes. Read more to find out about what’s new in Gravity Forms Import Entries v1.4.  

Features of Gravity Forms Import Entries v1.4

We have made some significant changes to the user interface. Also, we have included some of the unique features in the Gravity Forms Import Entries that have significantly enhanced the functionality of Gravity Forms. Here are the features:

Effortlessly Create Forms:

Admins can seamlessly create new forms by importing CSV entries, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Seamless CSV Integration:

Exclusively import entries from CSV files, ensuring compatibility and data integrity.

Flexible Field Mapping:

Admins have complete control over field mapping, aligning CSV data with form fields with precision.

On-the-Fly Field Addition:

New form fields can be added directly during import, providing maximum adaptability.

Efficient Entry Updates:

Entries can be effortlessly updated using the column key, streamlining data management.

Precise Import Control:

Admins can choose conditional import options (greater than or less than) for customized data filtering.

Error Tolerance:

Import errors won’t halt the process; users can choose to continue importing even with errors.

Real-Time Progress Tracking:

A progress bar provides real-time insights into the import process, ensuring transparency.

Post-Import Review:

After the complete download of the CSV form, the “View Import Entries” button allows for a thorough review of imported data.

Detailed Import Summary:

A comprehensive summary provides a clear overview of successful and unsuccessful import entries. Get ready to experience the new changes. You can read the complete documentation here. Also, if you have any questions or feedback – we would love to have your recommendations! Thanks for using Gravity Forms Import Entries!  

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