Gravity Forms 2.7 Release Candidate 2 – News and Updates

Gravity Forms 2.7

With Gravity Forms 2.7, the development team has improved the user experience, from plugin installation to form creation and layout, for existing and new customers. Users have greater control over their forms’ appearance with the addition of new form themes and improved block styling options. In addition, the Gravity Forms Setup Wizard has undergone some important upgrades.

What’s New in Gravity Forms 2.7

The latest version of Gravity Forms, 2.7, is loaded with a wide variety of new features.

Extended Form Template Library – With Gravity’s pre-built, fully configurable form templates, you can launch your first form in minutes.

Form Theme and Block Styling Options – You may customize your forms without CSS with the new Orbital front-end form theme and block design settings.

Setup Wizard – The new and improved Setup Wizard will make it easy for all new users to get started.

Honeypot Field Enhancements – JavaScript will add a honeypot field to the form before submission to reduce spam entries.

Developer Features – The new back-end UI is built using React and a new component framework. This will be a real benefit to the developer community and the quality of Gravity Forms.

Easy Form Creation

export form templates

A new form template library in Gravity Forms 2.7 makes form creation easier than ever. In Gravity Forms 2.7, users can choose from pre-made form templates. Save time and effort by using these forms or modifying them for a specific purpose. You can find a range of templates, including.

● Contact Forms
● Survey Forms
● Event Registration
● Payment Forms
● Donation Form
● User Registration Form

Sophisticated Form Styling

Sophisticated Form Styling

The block settings now offer more form-style customization options, which is good news for anyone who has tried to get their forms to look perfect. Orbital, a new form theme, is featured in version 2.7’s customizable front-end theme framework. The built-in block design options in Orbital allow you to customize the form’s color scheme, input size, button styles, etc.

All New Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard’s redesigned user interface has simplified the entire onboarding process. It is logical to assume that regular and returning customers will place a high value through significantly reduced waiting times during setup.

Greater Spam Protection

Greater Spam Protection

Gravity Forms 2.7 introduces a more powerful honeypot system responding to spam form requests. JavaScript will add another honeypot field to the form to use with the honeypot spam protection strategy. We can reduce spam entries by doing so. As a result, you can better identify spam submissions and reduce their number.

Furthermore, you can configure your honeypot so that no entries are created when a spam form is submitted or that entries are created but marked as spam so you can test for false positives.

More Power To Developer Community

In version 2.7, back-end features were implemented with React, a component library, a React build system, and other NPM packages. This enables developers to use component libraries and build systems in their add-ons regardless of the Gravity Forms version.

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