Get Ready for Gravity Forms 2.7

The latest update of Gravity Forms is almost ready. The beta version of Gravity Forms 2.7 is set to be launched in the next few weeks. Are you excited?

Gravity Forms 2.7


Here’s what you can expect in the latest version!

Gravity Forms 2.7: Expected Features

The core objective of Gravity Forms 2.7 is to enhance users’ experience from the installation process to the creation and styling of forms.

Here are a few new features you’ll see in Gravity Forms 2.7.

  • A Redesigned Installation Wizard
  • New Built-In Template Library
  • Orbital Form Theme Framework and Block Styling Options

Let’s get a better idea of each feature

Redesigned Installation Wizard

To enhance user experience, the installation wizard has been redesigned from start to finish. The revamp should onboard new customers faster than ever. Also, if you are a regular user, you’ll also appreciate the unique and faster installation wizard.

Redesigned Installation Wizard

More Than Ever Form Templates

One of the most awaited features of Gravity Form 2.7 is the newly designed form template library. These fully customizable and premade form templates can be used to create more complex forms or simply to finish your task in no time.

In this library, you’ll be able to choose from various types of form templates. This includes essential newsletter signup or contact forms to help you easily add the form to your website and get it running. Or, you can choose any advanced templates to facilitate other requirements like payment, donation, or user registration.

More Than Ever Form Templates

Style Your Forms with Ease

With the new form theme framework and block styling options, styling your forms just got easier than ever. Gravity Form’s product team has created Orbital – the new front-end theme framework for forms.

This new feature simplifies form customization and ensures making users’ experience on WordPress better. With the new features, you can modify button styles, tweak the size of inputs, change color schemes of forms, and much more. All this can be done from within the block editor without any help from a developer.

Style Your Forms with Ease

Are You Ready to Test Gravity Forms 2.7

Gravity Forms 2.7 beta version is set to release in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for when it is launched. I’m sure you can’t wait to experience the new features!

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