Gravity Forms Smart Uploads: Highlights, Features, and Utilities

Gravity Form Smart Upload features

Bridging the paperwork gap with digitalization patterns has prompted the usage of gravity forms add-ons has established its impressions as one of the intuitive forms of best contact form plugins for a WordPress-enabled website. By default, Gravity Forms enables users to upload multiple files, but you cannot preview the files before uploading them. Users can not even make minor changes, transiting the items into a sorted order that you’ve preferred.

What is Gravity Forms Smart Uploads?

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on allows your users to preview files before uploading them on the site. There is a smart upload option for the images that enables users to edit, crop, and rotate the files instantly from the front-end.

Also, it facilitates users to sort out the sequential orders of their specific files using the drag and drop option. Users can also display the progress bar that displays a file upload percentage ratio.
Gravity Form Smart Upload Highlights

Front-End Highlights

The following aspects provide users complete insights to adapt the highlights of the add-on:

1. Upload Multiple Files & Live Preview

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on’s front-end feature enables users to upload multiple files with the drag and drop option. The users can be able to preview them live from the front-end screen.

2. Sequential Sorting to Upload Files

If the user wants to rearrange their files in ‘sequential order,’ you can easily drag and drop files as per your requirements.

3. Rotate Image File

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Add-on enables users to rotate an image file before submitting it.

4. Crop Pictures in a Pop-Up Window

Users can easily crop the picture before submitting it to Gravity Forms Smart Uploads. You can select the image and crop it. A pop-up window can be displayed where you can effectively crop the picture as per your needs.

5. Generates Single Entry View in Dashboard After Submission

Gravity forms smart upload add-on can quickly generate a single-entry view in the dashboard after submitting your entries.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Addon: Features

The features of gravity form smart uploads add-ons are as follows:

✔  Easy to Install – Users can easily install the gravity forms smart upload add-on on your WordPress-enabled site. Always ensure that the gravity forms plugin is installed on your site.

✔  Intuitively Built Smart Gallery Field – Gravity Forms Smart Gallery Add-ons comprises a compact smart gallery feature placed in the advanced fields tab. Users can easily drag and drop the smart gallery to the left side and place it whether you want to proceed ahead.

✔  Maximum Range of File Sizes – Enables users to restrict the quantity and file sizes that can be easily uploaded

✔  Drag & Drop Functionality – Users can easily upload multiple files using drag and drop functionality on the front-end screen.

✔  Sequential Sorting – Users can quickly sort the order sequence of their uploaded files while navigating on the same page.

✔  Image Cropping – Allows users to crop image files and saves them, alongside on their form.

✔  Rotating Images – Users can easily rotate the image over 90o to 180o degrees before submitting it anywhere.

✔  Progress Bar – Gravity Forms Smart Uploads also views a progress bar whenever a file is uploaded; this is illustrated with an upload percentage countdown.

✔  File Information Popup – Users can easily see the file information and file preview with a pop-up formed instantly in the browser.

✔  Specific Entry View – Users can easily view their submissions in a single-entry view with their provided information and files which they’ve submitted.

✔  Admin Receives Email – Enables users to generate an email for the admin when they submit the form.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Addon: Utilities

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads

Using Gravity Forms Smart Uploads Addon, users can benefit from the following points

  • Enables users to upload multiple files before making it live
  • Enables users to sort the uploaded files in sequence
  • Allows users to rotate images before final submission deadline
  • Users can easily crop Images in a popup window
  • Measures the percentage (%) on the progress bar

Blog Summary

To sum up, gravity forms smart uploads add-on provides your users the capability to preview their files before uploading them. It also provides users the capability to edit, crop, and rotate the files instantly on the front-end screen. For Further Information, Read the Technical Documentation here

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