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Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete is a WordPress add-on that allows customers to enable google places. We have to just input any city name against which the relevant data of that country will automatically pop up.

For proceeding on this plugin, one should have an API key because without API key this procedure won’t get completed.


Configuration of Google Cloud Console

First of all, we need to configure google cloud console as shown below:

Sign In to link with Gmail account

User needs to sign in from Gmail account

Add a new project

Notification Tab

Once the project is created it will appear in the notification panel. User needs to view the created project from this option.

API & Services

Upon viewing the created project you will be routed to this screen. From here go to the API Overview option in the highlighted image.

After clicking on create credentials, the user needs to click API, and then the following screen will appear.

Thus, the API key will be generated. User needs to get this API to be subscribed by proceeding towards payment gateway.

After that user will go in ‘BILLINGS TAB’

Now, the user needs to proceed for linking the billing account with API so that it may replicate the desired results.

After that, you have to go to the ‘library’ then select and activate the following API’s

Then the user needs to search for PLACES API in the search bar as per the highlighted image and mark it enable.


How to Use Plugin

Now the user needs to go to FORMS Section. In FORMS, there is an option of GF Autocomplete settings.

Here the user will input that API and save it.

Next option will be as shown below:

Then the user needs to go in the selected form. Go in standard field’s option then Auto Complete Text button. From here we need to checkmark/select the highlighted options.

After that users will go in Advanced Fields option and select Address Button, then general setting >enable check mark > Set address type and default country and finally update the page.

While in the below image we have an option to checkmark ‘Show states in the abbreviation’, its impact is to represent the State Name in Abbreviation on the frontend.

The impact can be seen at frontend:

Page Addition to test the final results

Go to Pages Tab and add a new page, put the shortcode and update it.

By clicking on the preview page following screen will appear. Now the user needs to put any city against which the remaining details will automatically pop up.

As you can see the location list is showing in drop down through smart search option. By clicking on any item from list, rest of the address will automatically fill in required areas.



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