Square for Gravity Forms Version 2.6 – Introducing Compatibility For Apple Pay and Square Gift Card

We’re always working around the clock to make each version of Square for Gravity Forms better than the last one.

Gravity Forms Versions 2.6

Our team is very excited to announce the launch of Square for Gravity Forms V2.6, and it’s newest features that include:

●    Accept payments via Apple Pay;
●    Accept payments via Square Gift Card;
●    Order Synchronization.

1. Accept payments via Apple Pay

You can now ‘Enable Apple Pay’ and accept customer payments via Apple Pay. All you need to do is verify the domain for Apple Pay, after which you will be asked to update the form.

Apple Pay is easy and works with the Apple devices you use every day. You can make contactless, secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web.

2. Accept payments via Square Gift Card

Enabling the Square Gift Card payment option for the back-end will allow you to display the Square Gift Card acceptance field from the front-end. Your users will be able to pay by inserting the required details and their gift card numbers on the form.

Note: You can use your customer’s gift card to pay for their invoice if you have your customer’s gift card on file, and the balance covers the invoice total.

3. Order Synchronization

Enabling the order synchronization feature gives you the power to keep track of your Gravity Forms orders directly from your Square Account. After the orders are processed on Gravity Forms, the order IDs from the different platforms can be showcased on a single page, making it easier for you to keep track of your transaction and received orders.

What more can you get with Square for Gravity Forms?

Square for gravity forms is a revolutionary plugin that allows users a complete solution to pay their simplistic or recurring payments via gravity forms using the Square Payment Plugin.

Your Gravity Form can do more capabilities than just accepting Square payments – check out our great list of features.

● Process simple (one-time) payments through Gravity Forms using the Square payment gateway.
● Process recurring (automatic payments) through Gravity Forms while also adding a subscription cycle and length for its renewal.
● Sends email notification to both the admin and the user after the payment is processed.
● Sandbox support With the latest version of SQUARE V2 API in order to see test transactions in Square Dashboard.
● SCA Supported – users can experience SCA Testing Functionality.
● ‘Save Card On File’ functionality allows the user to save their card details for any future use.
● Multi-form support/step forms support available.
● Connect individual Square accounts with each Gravity Form.

To understand more about Square for Gravity Forms and its features, read the technical documentation.

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