Release Note | Gravity Form Square v3.0 Has Been Released

Release Note | Gravity Form Square v3.0 Has Been Released

With Gravity Form Square 3.0, the development team has introduced a new payment method. Users now have more control over payment as they can use a POS terminal device powered by Square to clear their dues. In addition to the payment method, Square can be used as a gift card.

What’s New in Gravity Form Square 3.0

The latest version of Gravity Form Square is loaded with two new features.

– Square Payment Terminal

– Square as a Gift Card

– Square Payment Terminal

You can now pay through a Square terminal device. All you need is to integrate the form using Gravity Forms and link it with the Gravity Form Square terminal. Here is the short step-by-step process:

Payment Process via Gravity form Square:

  • Navigate to the Gravity payment form on your website’s front end.
  • Fill in all the relevant payment details required by the form.
  • Select the payment amount for the transaction.

Choose Terminal Payment:

  • Look for a payment option, likely labeled Pay with Terminal, and select it.

Initiate Payment Process:

  • Click on the Pay with Terminal on the payment form.

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– Square as a Gift Card

To Enable the Square Gift Card Option, all you need is to click the checkbox “Enable Square Gift Card” next to it to enable Square Gift Card.

- Square as a Gift Card For extensive configuration steps, see the technical documentation.

Wrap Up

Gravity Form Square has just gone one step ahead with its two future-enabled features. Integrating the Square terminal is a massive step taken to keep customers away from the hassle. By offering Square as a gift card, form creation has gone to another level.

So, what are you waiting for? Install Gravity Form Square and enjoy the state-of-the-art features of payment integration.


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