Gravity Forms 2.6 is Finally Here!

Gravity Forms 2.6

After the Gravity Forms 2.6 Beta version was launched back in mid-January 2022, I’m pretty sure many were waiting for the official release. Well, on the 14th of March, Gravity Forms officially released this new update with amazing new features to make your form building experience even better.

Gravity Forms 2.6 Top Features

The core purpose behind this new release is to improve the user experience. In addition, making the form building process seamless and faster. With new features waiting to be used, it will be great to see the feedback these features bring. Without further ado, here are the key features Gravity Forms 2.6 offers;

  • Embed Form Flyout

The new Embed Form Flyout uses the WP Block Editor. This allows you to add a new form to any post or page directly from within the form editor. You have to open the Embed Form Flyout and choose where you want a form to be displayed. This can be anywhere on a new or existing post, page, and custom post.

  • Choices Flyout

In the past, due to the narrow sidebar, it was always a hassle to edit options with a multichoice field. To make your life easier, the 2.6 release offers an expandable Choices Flyout that is responsive to the page width. Now you have all the space you need to manage your choices and options.

  • Inline Submit Button

No need to rely on CSS Ready Classes to set your submit button anymore. With this release, the submit button settings are relocated to the form editor.

  • Ajax Form Saving

Thanks to Ajax, now you can save any changes you make to the form. This offers you a faster and better experience while making your form, as the page won’t refresh just to save your edits.

  • Merge Tag Search

An improved merge tag UI enhances the search functionality. This allows you to search for the merge tags you need comfortably.

In addition to these features, Gravity Forms 2.6 continues its commitment to accessibility and security, with a number of bug fixes and useful additions to make sure they offer a better user experience.

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