Why Businesses Prefer ‘Bookings For Gravity Forms’ Plugin For Online Booking Management

Hello! We have a few questions for you to answer before proceeding with this article.

Q1: Are you running a business that frequently requires scheduling appointments with clients?

Q2: Are you already fed up with conventional methods of bookings like over phone calls, texting, or paper calendar?

Q3: Do you want to automate your booking management system to save time for you & your clients or to reduce manual errors?

If you answered every question with an astounding “YES” then continue reading the article and find out why Booking for Gravity Forms is the best solution for your need.

Gravity Forms' Plugin For Online Booking Management


It’s a fact now! Businesses of all sizes are adjusting to a new way of doing business that is fundamentally different from what has come before. Of course, we’re talking about the impact the internet has had on businesses of all sizes. If you run an appointment-based business, you already know how important booking is to your cash flow.


Go through some mind-boggling online appointment & booking stats by clicking on this link:

So, are you making up your mind to buy an efficient and comprehensive online booking management plugin for your business?

Let’s read why modern businesses are relying on online booking management plugins to manage their clients.


An online booking system is capable of way more than just passively accepting booking and payments online. Res-tech or reservation technology has taken a big step in recent years, helping businesses in every aspect to manage marketing automation, distribution, and operations.

#1 Works Round-the-clock:

Customers who book a tour or a rental don’t want to wait for you to get operational in the office; they want to schedule the activity on their own time. When you use an online booking system, your company is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

#2 Maximum Bookings:

Customers who make their bookings are more likely to show up, effectively eliminating no-shows. If a customer needs to cancel, the spot automatically becomes available online for another customer to book. It won’t leave any unused slot vacant to maximize reservation.

#3 Receive Instant Payments:

You can ask customers to prepay for events and rentals via an online booking system. This puts money in your pocket faster and ensures that you don’t have to worry about payments on the day of the event or appointment.

Have you heard about the ‘Bookings for Gravity Forms’ plugin before?

Bookings for Gravity Forms is the perfect way for any business entity to manage their daily B2C (business to customer) operations, specifically booking and managing meetings and appointments.

Gravity Bookings is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easier for your clients to make instant meetings & appointments with the help of self-service options. Gravity Bookings is mobile-friendly and can be used online anytime, anywhere.


  • Customize Your Booking Form: Give the booking form a look that best suits your business’s identity.
  • Easily Extract Data: Export all the appointment data easily in both CSV and PDF format.
  • Display Service Category: This allows the customers to pick any of the categories from the service lists.
  • Mark Holidays & Days-off: Holidays or days-off can be marked to alert customers about the business or staff members.
  • Unlimited Booking Rules: Add unlimited booking rules, including staff count, service categories, and their time slots.
  • Multi-Step Forms: Bookings for Gravity Forms has multi-step forms functionality as well. Admin can display appointment booking forms for clients in steps format.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Pay securely with fast and easy payment methods.
  • One-Way Sync With Google Calendar: Synchronize your appointments on Gravity Forms Bookings with Google Calendar to add new information and stay updated.
  • Add-to-my-Calendar Button: Give your users the power to add their appointment details to Google Calendar instantly.
  • Gravity Forms Preview Compatibility: The Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin is compatible with the Gravity Forms Preview Addon. Clients can preview their forms live before submission.

DID YOU KNOW! Several hundred types of businesses & professionals are using ‘Bookings for Gravity Forms’ on their WordPress-based websites for daily client appointments and event booking.

We are sharing some of the top professionals and businesses who are using the ‘Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin.

#1 Dentists:

Bookings for Gravity Forms makes it easy for dentists to display appointment calendars and staff availability, services catalog, and fees.

Dental clinics can manage their staff and notify them with announcements. The proper internal communication with this management tool becomes easy, and the task assigning process becomes more convenient.

The patients can quickly check on the slots and staff availability and choose their preferred dentist to book for their consultation. It reduces the chances of mismanagement, and the patients can make an appointment at their convenience.


#2 Lawyers:

Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin gives lawyers & law consultants the power to manage appointments, list services, and manage staff.

Legal consultants or lawyers display appointment scheduling options on their website using Bookings for Gravity Forms. They are able to send an email notification to the client once the appointment has been confirmed.

Lawyers can list different types of law consultancy services like bankruptcy, corporate, immigration, criminal, intellectual property, civil litigation, and much more using Bookings for Gravity Forms. Easily add service name and fees for it.


#3 Spa and Salons:

Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin helps spa and salon businesses to manage their clients’ appointments with ease.

Spa and Salon business owners can display offered services and details of available staff for different types of beauty treatments. Add the ‘Book Now’ button under the services and treatments for the customers’ convenience.

Collect spa and salon service charges online through a supported payment gateway (simple or recurring both) using the Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin. Check payment status for all types of bookings in the admin panel.

Spa and Salons

#4 Repair & Maintenance Centres

Repair & Maintenance Centers develop a better booking management system using the Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin.

Customers can quickly check on the slots and staff availability and choose their required service to be booked for the repairing task. Using the admin dashboard, the repair & maintenance center head can monitor service-wise & staff member-wise earnings (least to highest).

Using the Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin gives your customer comprehensive information about repairing services and servicemen availability.

Repair & Maintenance Centres

#5 Tickets Booking:

Bookings for Gravity Forms provides a hassle-free way for your customers to book tickets for cinema, carnivals, concerts, and parks.

Display different types of businesses to manage online ticket booking for them. Booking details can be added to the website with an option of open and closed tickets. Do not let customers miss their favorite activities and opportunities to grab tickets.

Convert ticket booking site into a complete information-providing window for customers to spread awareness about available events and venues. Book various slots for visitors in advance and notify them with a confirmation email.

To know about furthermore professionals and businesses that are using Bookings for Gravity Forms for their daily booking management system, click here.

Tickets Booking

Wrapping Up!

The use of online booking systems is growing in various industries, including bus ticket booking, gym & fitness centers, doctor appointments, virtual classrooms, the traveling industry, and much more. ‘Bookings for Gravity Forms’ plugin is helping several professionals and businesses to manage their online booking management and scheduling system to generate better revenue.

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