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Better File Uploads with Gravity Forms

Uploading files while filling out a form is something that we commonly do. Whether you are creating a new account on Gravatar, getting posters printed for your event, renewing your driver’s license, or simply signing up on a social media platform, it’s pretty probable that you’re going to need to upload an image or a document in that form. Though this may not seem like the most vital aspect of the form, the document upload process is crucial for someone to complete the form. Obstacles will prevent a smooth experience, leading users to abandon your website. file uploads with gravity forms The default Gravity Forms file upload feature allows users to upload a file with their form. You are entitled to limit which types of files users are allowed to upload. However, to enhance your users’ experience, you can use the Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms Add-on. With the help of this add-on, users will have more power while uploading images. Users can comfortably crop images, optimize them, sort them, and even preview them before uploading. In addition, there are many other features connected with this fantastic WordPress add-on. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed walkthrough of why you need this amazing add-on and all its essential features, with which you can make Gravity Forms file uploads a seamless experience for your users.

Why Do You Need Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms?

Forms are pretty common on websites. You’ll have to fill out a form on the contact page, sign-in page, checkout page, live chat, and the list can go on forever. With Gravity Forms, you’ll have the ability to customize your forms and make them better for your users. However, the file uploads feature offers limited capabilities when it comes to users uploading images. You can’t preview your images or make slight changes like cropping or sorting. With the help of this add-on, you can offer a better user experience. Also, your users will be able to do a lot more with their image uploads. Here are the features we’ve mentioned above:

Advanced Image Editor

With the feature, users have the ability to edit their images more deeply. Once users attach a picture, they have the option to adjust colors, effects, filters, add shapes, add text, resize, crop, and alter the orientation to give their upload a unique and fresh look.
Gravity form Advanced Image Editor
Two things that we’d like to highlight here are the crop and rotation features. There are times when the size of an image is a crucial problem while uploading the file. With the crop option, you can make sure it is of the exact size that is required. Also, you can crop out any unwanted part of an image to make it ideal for upload.
gravity forms image editor
Are your images saved upside down? Nothing to worry about. There are times we hold our phone in the wrong direction, and pictures turn upside down. With the rotate option, you can easily make it right.
gravity forms image crop
No need for your users to spend time opening an online image editor or Photoshop to edit an image.

Sequence Sorting and Image Preview

Regardless of which type of images your users are required to upload, if you are able to preview the images, it will improve their experience on your website. Though users know what they are uploading, there is always a risk of human error. They can fix the error in seconds if there is a preview feature. In addition, previews will help them sort the images and upload them in the correct order if they are uploading multiple images.
Gravity form Image Preview
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Better User Experience

With the help of these features for Gravity Forms, the overall user experience grows exceptionally. Users don’t get confused and comfortably upload images, no matter how many there are. In addition, as users can easily edit images before uploading them, it saves them the time it would take to make changes with the help of other tools. The Smart Uploads feature in the Gravity Forms add-on ensures you receive more submissions and fewer abandoned forms.

Other Notable Features

Apart from the features mentioned above, this add-on has many more perks that’ll make your users file upload experience flawless.
  • Single Entry View in the Dashboard
  • Compatible with Gravity PDF and GravityView
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Maximum file count and size
  • Notification email
  • Progress bar
  • Easy Installation
And much more.

Wrap Up

File uploads are very important for those who depend on users uploading files to complete forms. If you are looking for a plugin to customize your forms, this one is the best on the market. However, you’ll want to use this add-on to enhance the user experience and increase the submitted form rate. Such an add-on will encourage your users to complete the form as all the features they might be looking for while uploading images are available once you install the add-on. Is there anything you’d like to add? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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