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  • Php 5 or greater
  • WordPress 4.0 or greater
  • Gravity Forms
  • Gmail account

This Add-on will help you to connect Gravity Forms with Google Cloud and if you have any printer connected with Google Cloud then it will automatically make a printout.

Once a user submits Gravity Form on your site that will generate PDF to Cloud Printer.

Initial Settings:

These are basic settings

How to activate and connect with google console it is best described here
Please look over here:

Individual Form Settings:

You can enable disable each form to be printed to google cloud printers. And you will find each form PDF settings

Each Form Settings:

Here you will find each form settings

  • Enable/Disable: You can enable/disable each form to be submitted to google cloud printers.
  • Paper size: You can set PDF paper size from A1 to A8
  • Paper Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Organization Name: This will appear in header of page
  • Organization address: This will appear in header after organization name
  • Footer: Any text here will appear in footer
  • Print Copies: How many copies to be printed if form is submitted


Version : 1.0
Date :  6/09/2018
initial release.


  • ¬†Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates
  • 6 months support from wpexpertsio


  • VERSION:1.0
  • RELEASED:6 Sep 18
  • Last updated:17 June 19
  • Sales:3
  • Changelog

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